Giving Christmas Joy, Parcel by Parcel

For the employees of Zott, as well as their relatives, it has been an honour, for many years, to participate in the Johanniter Weihnachtstrucker (Johanniter Christmas truck) campaign. During advent, in all the departments in Mertingen and Günzburg, and also in the employees’ homes, contributions are requested, bought and packed-up for the Christmas truckers. These parcels are for those families in need in Southeast Europe and contain basic foodstuffs, sweets, toiletries and small gifts for children, families, and the elderly living in poverty, as well as for people with disabilities.  

As part of a Christmas event, which traditionally takes place on the car park in front of the Mertingen dairy area, the parcels are personally handed-over. The children from the nursery and kindergarten, as well as the pupils from Mertingen primary school, are also present at this event, and help with loading the Christmas truck. We have been supporting this campaign since 2010 with a truck, and we also cover the necessary costs, such as fuel and tolls.

In 2019, a Johanniter Christmas truck from Zott will travel to Romania again; together with around 40 other trucks, the relief convoy transports the parcels to Southeast Europe. Our employees in Mertingen and Günzburg, as well as the children in Mertingen, assembled an amazing 888 parcels in 2019.

They are happy about the 888 parcels: the two drivers Armin Strobel and Tom Frede (left and right), Yvonne Wendel from the Johanniter and Karl Stelzle, member of the Zott management

You can find more information about the Johanniter-Weihnachtstrucker (Johanniter Christmas Truckers) here.

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