Zottarella Roll - Classic
Zottarella Roll - Basil
Zottarella Ball - Classic
Zottarella Ball - Basil
Zottarella Ball - Light
Zottarella Minis - Classic
Zottarella Minis - Basil

Mozzarella as it should be

Zottarella is more than just caprese. Our mozzarella certainly tastes good between tomatoes and basil, but it is much more diverse. It is, for example, also ideal for use in soups, sauces, salads, casseroles and for roasting, and is always a unique culinary experience. Whether as balls, minis or XXL rolls, classic, light or ready-to-serve seasoned with basil – our Zottarella range has the right product for every type of cuisine and dish. What’s more, each one has been made out of milk from cows fed with only GMO-free feed that is also free of imported feed.

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