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Golden Bundesehrenpreis awarded to Zott | 23.07.2021

Golden Bundesehrenpreis awarded to Zott

Mertingen dairy receives the Bundesehrenpreis for the twelfth time, the highest quality award in the German food industry  


The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture honored Zott – the gourmet dairy from Mertingen – with the Bundesehrenpreis (Federal award of honor) for the twelfth time, awarding a gold prize to the dairy for the second time. This is the highest quality award given in the German food industry.  


 The Bundesehrenpreis is awarded annually to the nine companies in the German dairy industry which achieved the best results the previous year in quality inspections by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society). The product-specific expert tests center on a sensory analysis of the foods. This analysis is supplemented by laboratory tests and a review of the declaration and packaging.  


 The Bundesehrenpreis stands for a high level of trustworthiness and indicates the value a company places on quality performance, according to DLG President Hubertus Paetow. Companies that receive the award process valuable resources into the highest quality products with a strong level of expertise. Now that Zott’s commitment to quality and gourmet products has been recognized, the company aims to remain faithful to it. It is the same mission Zott has always had: “In our corporate mission statement, we make a promise to our customers and consumers that we offer gourmet products. To support this, we maintain high quality standards in every area of the company – for the raw materials we use, for our everyday work, and of course for our gourmet products themselves” explains Dr. Jens-Michael Liepe, Head of Quality Management at Zott, speaking on behalf of all of the employees who contribute to the company’s ongoing success.


Dr. Jens-Michael Liepe (Head of Quality Management) represents all of the employees in celebrating the 12th Federal award of honor for Zott. Photo: Zott


“Prize for long-term product quality” goes to Zott for the 28th time | 18.06.2021

“Prize for long-term product quality” goes to Zott for the 28th time

The food testing center of the Deutschen Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG - German Agricultural Scoiety) honored Zott, the gourmet dairy from Mertingen, with the “Prize for long-term product quality” for the 28th time. The award is given for the consistent, targeted focus of the company and its employees on quality. “All of us at Zott are very proud of this award, since it serves as evidence to the public for the awareness we have for product quality and safety in our everyday work. Once again, our employees have fulfilled the high standards of neutral DLG experts thanks to their professional expertise, their commitment, and their strong passion for our products along the entire production chain” explains Thomas Müller, Head of Production and Technology at Zott in the Yogurt and Dessert area.  


For a company to receive this unique award, it must take part in international quality testing at the DLG food testing center for five years in a row, achieving at least three awards in each award year. The “Prize for long-term product quality” is awarded only after the fifth successful year of participation.  


All of the companies that received the honor are published at www.DLG.org/PLP.


At Zott, the quality of our gourmet products is our first priority.


Zott employees thank clinic personnel in Donauwörth und Günzburg | 14.04.2021

Zott employees thank clinic personnel in Donauwörth und Günzburg

  • For their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic: Gift cards for employees at hospitals in Donauwörth and Günzburg
  • Donations to Kartei der Not and the Radio 7 Drachenkinder  


Employees at Zott, the gourmet dairy, thanked clinic personnel at the Donau-Ries clinic in Donauwörth, the district clinic in Günzburg, and the Günzburg regional hospital for their untiring and ongoing work under the difficult conditions posed by the coronavirus crisis. As a token of their appreciation, the Mertingen company provided gift cards to employees at the three institutions at a value of 8,000 euros per clinic. These gift cards can be redeemed at the Zott Genusswelt in Asbach-Bäumenheim and the factory store in Günzburg.  


Employees at the clinics, including doctors, nurses, and cleaning staff, have done outstanding work in the fight against the coronavirus under difficult conditions, always keeping the well-being of their patients in focus. “Our employees wanted to give at least some of those workers who are under such a heavy load due to the pandemic a special sign of appreciation for all of their hard work. Although the gift cards cannot change the situation at these hospitals, hopefully they will help the staff to relax and enjoy life a bit outside of their stressful everyday work at the clinics” says Dieter Wiedenmann, HR Manager at Zott.  


Donations for regional aid projects

In addition, Zott employees donated 7,500 euros to the Kartei der Not in Augsburg. This foundation supports people in the Bavarian-Swabian and adjacent Upper Bavarian regions who have fallen onto hard times through no fault of their own. Another 7,500 euros were donated to Radio 7 Drachenkinder. Within the Radio 7 broadcast region, where the Zott Günzburg site is located, this charity campaign helps sick, disabled and traumatized children and teenagers through providing financial support to different institutions, projects and families.  


The total amount in gifts and donations came from the budget provided to employees by the Zott general management for internal departmental Christmas celebrations. Since these celebrations were canceled due to the coronavirus, the employees and Works Council asked if they could donate the funds set aside for the purpose. The general management was happy to fulfill their request.


Representatives from Zott hand over the package of gift cards to the Donau-Ries Clinic. From left: Zott HR Manager Dieter Wiedenmann, Head of Nursing Services Michaela Rechner, Medical Director Dr. Thomas Eberl, Clinic Staff Council Chair Wolfgang Ullrich, Zott Works Council Chair Richard Schmidt. Photo: Zott


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