A programme for all milk producers

The "Zott Qualitätsmilch aus Leidenschaft" (ZQL) programme is designed primarily for all German milk producers in the Zott group and communicates the joys of milk and cows in a sustainable and accessible way. For our dairy, it is not just the quality of the raw material that plays a key role, it is also the requirements of the people and the animals that are taken into account equally at Zott when designing measures. For this reason, we work in active cooperation with milk producers to establish practical concepts for liveable and sustainable farming in future. These can be found reflected in the "Basic module - Expansion module - Best practice" programme components.

With this programme, we have developed an internationally applicable and extendable concept that will also be introduced into Poland and the Czech Republic in the next few years. In conjunction with our milk producers, Zott implementsmany large and small measures for future-proof liveable and sustainable agriculture which are reflected in the various components of the programme, for example, "Sustainable feeding" or "Homoeopathic seminars".

Best Practice - honouring the best

Zott considers it important to honour excellent performance with regard to the quality of milk, and sustainable, forward-thinking conduct in a company. In July 2015, we started the second round of our Best Practice competition.

Our 2014 winners

Current news for our milk producers