The diversity of milk

Thanks to the vital components it contains, milk is one of the highest-valued basic nutritional foods for us humans. But what many consumers are not aware of: There is a wide variety of different types of milk. The basic components are all the same, but some consumers place value on certain criteria when selecting their foods.

We assure you: When it comes to the quality of raw milk, our milk producers are top-notch. In 2020, 99.41 percent of Zott milk attained the highest quality class 1. Of that, 92.16 percent was top class S. We, in conjunction with our milk producers, are very proud of this fact!

Milk variety

The conventional milk

The classic

For us humans, milk is one of the essential basic foodstuffs. It contains many important ingredients, for example, calcium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.


The organic milk

In order to be classed as organic, milk must meet certain requirements as defined in a directive that applies throughout Europe. Ecological farming and ethical husbandry are the core elements required. A variety of research teams have determined that organic milk contains more Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Our Zott Dairy is a contracted Bioland dairy and our milk producers must not only fulfil the EU ecological directive, but also the guidelines imposed by Bioland.

Our certifying body is ABCert and has the control institute number: DE-ÖKO-006


GM-free milk

The special characteristic of milk that is free from GM is that cows do not receive genetically modified feed. In addition, dairy farmers resign from using imported feed during feeding. Zott has established a complex control system that goes far beyond the statutory requirements so that consumers can rely on the "no-genetic engineering" pledge. Our feed concept not only monitors the farmers, but also the feed suppliers to ensure that no genetically modified feed is used. Furthermore, regular checks are carried out to ensure that this obligation is fulfilled on site at the producers.


The mountain farm milk

The milk from our mountain farmers

The milk cows used byour mountain farmers are part of an agricultural tradition that has shaped the image of the Oberallgäu mountainous region and influenced the often beautiful but difficult to access slopes over the course of generations.

This topographical location makes the milk something special, even if the farmers have to work under more difficult conditions. It is usually the case that ordinary machinery cannot be used to maintain the agricultural areas. And the climate in the mountains is often a challenge for both us and the animals.

All of these features make mountain milk a specialist milk with special quality characteristics.


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