Showing responsibility with sustainable feed concepts

In conjunction with our milk producers, we place great value on the excellent quality and safety of milk as a basic component of our diet. This starts with the selection of feed and continues with the health of the cows and the use of medication.

Within the framework of the "GM-free" Zott project, the participating farmers agree not to use genetically modified feed and only use feed that has been produced in the EU. Furthermore, in this context, they are incorporated in a continuous control system.

The Zott control concept for safe feed

Zott works closely with the farmers and includes them and the feed suppliers in the controls.

Our producers only use feed that is listed on what is known as the recommended list. The affected manufacturing companies are checked by an independent institute. The farmers are able to access this list via the Internet. Furthermore, within the framework of an internal control system, Zott obtains samples of all purchased feed from the farmers. These are then registered in a database and analysed according to risk by an external laboratory to ensure that they are GMO-free. This complex system of controls gives all participants a high level of safety and transparency with regard to the used feed.