Milk responsibility

Care, competence and experience are the parameters of our success

The milk that arrives at our dairy is examined daily in our laboratory and the quality and content analysed. Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. supports us in this task as competent, independent partners. Among other things, they carry out official checks of producers on site and the production conditions there.

In conjunction with our producer families, we ensure the high quality of our raw milk and further develop our abilities with regard to milk.

Top quality thanks to uninterrupted information

In our quality assurance circle, farmers with their information requirements take on a special significance. Zott coordinators for producer needs are available to assist and advise milk suppliers with specific issues regarding the dairy.

Zott Passion for Quality Milk

The program “Zott Qualitätsmilch aus Leidenschaft” (Zott Passion for Quality Milk) or ZQL is directed at all the German milk producers of the Zott Group in the first step and communicates the joy of milk and cows in a sustainable and tangible way.