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111. Protecting public water bodies  
COD = Chemical Oxygen Demand as an indicator of the polluting loads (mg | l) 
TNC = Total Nitrogen Content (mg | l)
 TPC = Total Phosphorus Content (mg | l)  
112. Waste management  
113. Waste management  
At our production sites in Mertingen and Günzburg, we implement selective and extensive separation of generated industrial and residual waste as well as so-called secondary fuels. The replacement…  
114. Waste management  
Due to extensive waste separation procedures, the proportion of residual waste in both German facilities dropped by around 23 % and the proportion of secondary fuels increased by almost 38 %…  
115. Waste management  
Since we have consistently been separating the recyclables at our production sites in Mertingen, Günzburg and Opole for years, we have generated valuable substance flows for a variety of recycling…  
116. Waste management  
In a producing system, a wide variety of recyclable materials are produced. Zott works in conjunction with a partner to implement a concept in which all biologically recyclable materials are…  
117. Quality and Safety  
As a leading company in the food industry, it is our aim to fulfil the wishes and desires of our customers. Strictly adhering to legal standards and directives is a matter of course for us. For this…  
119. Environment  
120. Environment  
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