We from Zott

Our Employees are our Potential

We support our employees’ physical and mental health with our Zott Aktiv-Zentrum (Zott Active Centre). Numerous activities are offered throughout the year at the locations reserved for this purpose in Mertingen and Günzburg free of charge. Employees are enthused with opportunities for training and continuing education in the areas of IT and language as well as the cutting-edge sports portfolio, since they can participate for both professional and private reasons. The Zott Active Centre offers a professional non-medical traditional healing practice and a range of athletic offerings to better handle stress and workload.

Incidentally, our Active Centre is also an ideal place for interdisciplinary education and to develop and maintain social contacts as well as common activities.

We extend this offering to our locations in Poland with a multi-sport card. The card enables all employees to take advantage of discounted sport and recreational activities.

It is the company’s intention to help our employees to balance their professional and family lives through the creation of this offering, especially in light of increasing demands.

The company offers all employees in Germany supplementary health insurance free of charge within the framework of voluntary corporate social benefits.