Dual Curriculum

Theory and Practice Combined Perfectly

In cooperation with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Heidenheim we offer the opportunity for students to complete their dual course of studies in our gourmet dairy to one or two students (m/f) per year in the field of Business Administration and Industry, one student (m/f) in the field of Computer Science and Information Management and Systems, and one student (m/f) in the field of Computer Science - Industrial Automatisation. The course of study begins at the university in October, before resuming for three months at our company. In the following period of study, theory and practical application alternate. The students get to know all relevant company areas and gain comprehensive insight into the business areas of a modern, international dairy.

Please find further information regarding the study conditions on the Cooperative University of Heidenheim Website.

Offering perspectives successfully together – Zott partners with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Heidenheim.


Jasmine Hergenhan – My Dual Course of Study and Zott

“I began my studies at Zott in October 2012. It was already clear to me during my schooling that a dual course of study is the perfect career start. Zott appealed to me immediately when I was searching for a company that suits me. Right from the beginning I had the feeling that, although it is an international company, it is very aware of the responsibility for their employees and every single one is appreciated. I spent my first practice phase in Sales Service, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Logistics. I was received friendly and openly everywhere. I gained insight into data maintenance, order strategies, national order processing as well as the commissioning and packaging of goods, for example. Beginning in July, my next station will be in Marketing, where I will support the Product Manager with sales promotion, competition monitoring and market research.”


Silvana Randi – My Dual Course of Studies and Zott

“Prior to beginning my dual course of study in Heidenheim in October 2011, I completed a one-month pre-study internship at Zott in September. I was thereby able to receive initial insights in the daily business in advance. My first practical phase at Zott began in January and I am already very much looking forward to working in all of the departments of the company and getting to know all of them, including Material and Production Management/Logistics, Marketing and Sales, Finance and Accounting/Controlling as well as Human Resources and Organisation, for example. I am eager to dive into the world of Zott during the course of my studies.”


Jenny Meck – My Dual Course of Study and Zott

“Zott understands how to implement the fundamental principle of the dual university. Thanks to the dual system, as a student, one has the possibility to not only learn theoretical knowledge but to also gain insight into many different areas of a company. I felt well supported during the entire course of study and was received at every job site friendly and openly. I was also able to complete my studies in 2011 successfully thanks to the continuous professional support. Naturally, I am even more pleased that I can now start my career at Zott.“


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Our Team – Your Contact

Eva Staudacher is your contact person if you would like to apply for a Dual Currciculum.

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