Optimisation in milk collection

Even when it comes to the transportation of milk from the farm to the dairy, we take the climate and climate-neutral manufacturing of our quality products into consideration. By investing in new tank trailers with a light construction method, we are able to optimise the weight of the load hauled and achieve an increased volumetric capacity. This increases the utilisation of the used milk collection tanks by 4.17% per day.

In addition, the routes have been planned to further optimise the collection of milk. Compared to 2010, the kilometres driven per tonne of collected raw milk have been reduced by 9.81%.

Company bicycles and electric cars

Since 2013, an electric vehicle has been available for internal company traffic. The vehicle is operated using alternative power. In the company-owned waste water plant, two block heat and power stations convert the generated biogas from the digestion tower (a process-specific biogas plant) into "sustainable power". This power is fed into the Zott energy network and also used for the electric vehicle.  

Our company bicycles are environmentally-friendly, sporty and healthy and available for short journeys within the Mertingen site.

Both measures combined resulted in a 7% reduction of the yearly diesel usage. This corresponds to a reduction of CO2 pollution of nearly 592 to CO2eq.

Each battery charge covers a distance of approximately 120 km so that shorter distances can be experienced very comfortably and in an environmentally friendly manner – and now nearly silent and without pollutant emissions.