Power and heat from block heat and power plant

Generated power from waste water treatment plant

Our company waste water is broken down to produce digested sludge and biogas. The digested sludge is introduced as valuable fertiliser for agricultural areas. The generated biogas is processed via block heat and power modules to produce our own power and heat and we are increasingly able to cover the power requirements of the waste water treatment plant.

Measured years in comparison

The generated power in 2014 supplied approximately 195 private households (4 people / 4,940 kWh).

Savings as a result of waste heat via long-distance heat line

The generated heat is employed to heat a warehouse and two office buildings via a long-distance heat line. Part of the warehouse has been converted to a soccer hall which Zott uses in conjunction with the local football club. The supplied long-distance heat covers up to 93 % of the overall heat requirement there. In the last five years, an average of around 40,000 m3 of natural gas has been saved per year.

Savings of CO2 equivalent in tonnes

  • 2013: 97
  • 2012: 97
  • 2011: 96
  • 2010: 106
  • 2009: 99
  • 2008: 96