We are here for you

Dear consumers,

The coronavirus has hit the world with full force. The pandemic has had an impact on us that we did not know and did not think it was possible. It brought with it many uncertainties - but also a new movement of solidarity.

At Zott, the health of our employees and their families is our top priority. We do everything in our power to maintain this health and to be there for you. Numerous measures have been implemented in order to continue to ensure the production and delivery of our trading partners and to cope with the increased demand as best as possible.

We would like to thank our employees and their families, our farming families, the employees of our logistics and trading partners - and all the staff in hospitals, medical practices, nursing services, pharmacies and emergency services. They all work tirelessly to ensure that our lives are not completely determined by the coronavirus and COVID-19, but that we maintain a bit of normalcy. A term that had a rather contemptuous meaning, but now reveals its true value.

Let's stick together and stay healthy!

Best regards

Christine Weber, Anton Hammer and Frank Uszko
The Board of Management of the Zott Group