Strawberry 150 g
Baked apple 150 g
Blueberry 150 g
Peach 150 g
Wild strawberry and strawberry 150 g
Raspberry 150 g
Cherry 150 g
Mango 150 g
Kiwi 150 g
Banana 150 g
Pineapple 150 g
Fruits of the forest 150 g
Pear 150 g
Sweet Cherries 150g
Apricot 150 g
Fruit of the garden - Strawberry-Rhubarb 150g
Fruit of the garden - Strawberry-Black currant 150g
Fruit of the garden - Blackberry-Raspberry 150g
Fruit of the garden - Cherry-Red currant 150g
Strawberry 400 g
Baked apple 400 g
Peach 400 g
Cherry 400 g
Fruits of the forest 400 g
Pineapple 400 g
Raspberry 400 g
Strawberry and wild strawberry 400 g
Strawberry 900 g
Peach 900 g
Baked apple 900 g


Delicious fruit yoghurt with extra large fruit chunks, which gives you a succulent portion of happiness every day.

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